As we remain in a modified Stage Yellow through our Diocese, this year’s Vestry Meeting was held online.
We have 30 registered participants and 3 observers. The meeting was smooth and all motions were discussed as according to the approved agenda. A draft of the Vestry Minutes will be available for your review if you were unable to attend the meeting.

The Vestry Report for the year 2021 (including revisions) is available below for downloading and viewing on this website. A printed copy can be requested from the Parish Office ac.nacilgnavbnb@olleh or 613-216-2200.

Changes and documents added since Feb 14th publication: (the version below will be the modified final version, including all edits)

  • Financial review letter for St. Mary the Virgin (updated Feb 16)
  • adjusted page numbers (updated Feb 16)
  • SMTV Property Committee: Jean Lockett and Janet Hope (updated Feb 17)
  • Nomination Report for 2022: Neil Blaney is candidate for People’s Warden and removed from Lay Representative to PCC
  • Correction: SMTV Cemetery Board signatory does not include Bill Taylor
  • Bank fees for St Mary the Virgin ACW is $30. (updated Feb 17)
  • Basil McFadden to be added to Statistics (updated Feb 27)
  • Outreach edit “Alison” to “Amanda” page 53 (updated Feb 27)

Updated version from Feb 14th.