(Information as provided by The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa)

Purpose of Coverage:
This insurance program offers liability insurance to third parties who are renting or using your facilities for an event, such as a meeting, reception, dance, etc. If someone was to become injured or if property damage was caused due to the event held, the third party may be found liable and may be responsible to provide compensation for the damage caused. It is important for the third party to be adequately protected against these devastating situations. This program offers an effortless and cost-efficient avenue to obtain such insuranceInsurance under this program also protects your parish in the event that you suffer from property damage due to the use of your facilities and the third party is found liable.

Case Examples:

  • A young couple (third party) rents the basement hall of your church to host their wedding reception. During the wedding reception, water is accidentally spilled on the floor and causes a guest to slip and become injured. The injured guest chooses to proceed with litigation against the couple for the injuries suffered. The couple’s event insurance will respond to protect them.
  • A quilting club uses your facility to have a quilting bee. One of the participants knocks over some candles while moving a quilt, causing a fire to your building. If the quilting club (third party) is found liable for causing the fire, the event insurance policy will respond, defend the claim for the damages to the building and pay resulting damages.

When a person or group not associated with your parish is about to rent or use your facilities (indoor or outdoor) for an event that your church is not sponsoring, you ask if they have “third-party liability insurance for $2 million”.

  • If the answer is yes, you request a copy of their insurance certificate, for your file.
  • If the answer is no, you should:
    • Have them complete the one page application formClick here if you want to refer to samples of applications.
    • If the event includes serving liquor, a host liquor application form and additional premium will apply. Note that an 8% provincial sales tax must be charged in addition to the premium calculated. If you have any questions regarding how to calculate the premium, please contact Robert Fournier at HUB International.
    • The calculation, payment and copy of the application are to be sent to HUB International.
    • In the event of a claim resulting from an event, please contact HUB International in order to report the claim