Epiphany Outreach


Our annual gift of the magi to St. Mary’s Home for young parents took a slightly different form this year. Due to the pandemic, they were not accepting the usual baby clothes and blankets, maternity clothes, or toys etc. Not to be deterred, our magi still gifted much needed diapers and other toiletry items along with a  monetary donation. All items were delivered to St. Mary’s home on Tuesday.

Backdoor Food Program


An update from Sister Maureen Clare regarding Sister Grace’s outreach in Jamaica.

“St. Francis Outreach: Up to this month, we have been giving packages of food on a monthly basis to 180 persons. They are all over the age of 65–most of them in their 70’s and 80’s, a few in their 90’s, but those have someone reliable who collects for them. Many of them are in poor health. Before covid they would gather in the backyard and we would be able to have prayer and sing choruses, but since covid we have to meet them at the front gate and distribute the packages there. In the packages they get rice, cornmeal, two tins each of mackerel, sardines, sausages, corned beef, two soaps–bath and laundry. Sometimes we get beans /peas from Food the Poor and we package these and give them. We used to get the left-over chicken and biscuits from KFC and heat it up and give it to them, but this has also stopped since covid. At Christmas we were able to do it, though, and add about 3 slices of ham. They also got Christmas pudding donated by a lady with a restaurant and candy and biscuits donated by others, so that they took home two packages on that day. We also collect used clothes and sort them and distribute twice per year.

Besides the food they receive help with their medication which I am able to get at a discounted price at a special pharmacy and as needed, when they bring the scripts, they are given money for their blood tests, X-rays, MRI’S, and Scans. The blind get help with gas for their burners as needed. Sometimes help has to be given for funerals.

As you see the “outreach” is extensive and our good Lord answers the prayers of the poor and continues to send donors, like your parish, so that their needs can be met. In the next e-mail which will follow this immediately, I will send you some pictures of them receiving their Christmas packages and of some of the persons who helped–to bring down tables, etc. I hope that the above and the pictures will give an idea of what we do. I am most grateful for the help and ask God to bless you and all the others involved in your project”