Sunday Schools and Confirmation Classes are an essential part of Christian Education and the life of the Church.

Currently, we are not holding Sunday School classes but we are looking forward to reopening and inviting children and youth to re-engage in learning together and to have opportunities to build their faith in the secure setting of our communities.

St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Navan partners up with The Navan-Vars United Church to coordinate the Navan Community Church School. This has been a community project for many years and our current Co-Coordinators are planning ahead to when we can reopen and welcome the children and youth back to the program.

While being online, we share with you a series of illustrated books of Bible Stories that you could share with the children in your life. To be honest, even youthful adults will find these to be solid reminders of the love for Bible Stories to nurture our faith. These are resources offered by The Bible Society as ways to connect with our congregations.

[upload of books]