A New Book about the Cenotaph of Navan, ON

Over the course of the past year, Eileen Vaillancourt and Laurie Watson have been immersed in the lives of the fallen sons of Navan. Every year, 23 men are honoured during the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Navan Cenotaph. Hearing the names repeated year after year led to the questions who were these men, their parents, their siblings? Where did they serve? Where are they buried?

When the Remembrance Day Committee was asked these questions, they turned to Eileen for answers. Eileen was pleased and proud to have been asked and she used her contacts to detail the lives of several of the men from Navan families. However, many of the names listed were home boys. To help with that research, Eileen enlisted the assistance of Laurie Watson.

Together these ladies, using the honour rolls in the Navan churches and the school, the internet, and local contacts have researched the lives of these men who died in the South Africa War, World Wars I and II, and UN/NATO service. The result is a 60-page long book in full colour with copies of the honour rolls and their biographies.

If you too are interested in the answers, copies of the book are available for $20. Contact Laurie Watson at ac.tenrolpx@nostawlp.

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